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Car Flies off Intersate 5 in Orange – Freeway Crash Issues

Late last night a car flew off the 5 Freeway in the City of Orange and overturned, landing in a motel parking lot.  According to KNBC news, the accident happened near the 57 Freeway and 5 Freeway transition.  The black sedan was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed when it flew off the freeway and into a Motel 6 parking lot.

Freeway Car Crashes

While it is unknown exactly what caused the accident above, freeway crashes are an all to common occurrence in the Southern California/Orange County area.  Congested freeways coupled with high-speed traffic make for a dangerous combination, and freeway accidents often involve multiple vehicles.  When that occurs, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which driver, or drivers, are at fault for a collision.

Insurance Issues After a Freeway Crash

After a freeway crash involving multiple vehicles, it can often be difficult to determine which driver will be found to be primarily at fault.  When there is one driver who is mostly responsible and others who are less at fault, understanding how their insurance policies will compensate the injured parties can often be difficult.  This is especially true because of certain legal rules here in California that make ALL at fault parties equally responsible for an injured party’s economic losses.  But, those same negligent drivers are only responsible for their respective share of the pain and suffering they have caused.

Contact a Freeway Accident Attorney for Help

The more complicated a freeway crash, the more likely it is an experienced injury attorney will be necessary to ensure you receive fair compensation for all of the injuries and damages suffered.  Dividing insurance policy proceeds can be tricky, and sometimes lawsuits must be filed to make sure the compensation is what it should be.  A seasoned injury lawyer can help.  Mr. Ralph has more than 25 years of experience handling freeway accident cases.  He can be reached by e-mail or by calling the number below for a free consultation about your freeway accident claim.Tags: freeway accident attorney

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