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Orange County Accidents in the News

Several Orange County motor vehicle accidents have been in the news lately. In one such accident, four Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies were injured when an alleged drunk driver drove into the rear of at least one of the police vehicles stopped in Yorba Linda. All four deputies who were standing outside of their vehicles at the time of the collision were taken to an area hospital for evaluation and treatment. In yet another Orange County accident, a 33-year-old resident of the City of Orange was killed in a multi-vehicle accident on Highway 79 in San Jacinto.

Injury Accidents Are on the Rise

In spite of many people working from home and the apparent diminution of traffic on Southern California freeways, the number of injury accidents is actually on the rise. According to news reports, on a national level 2021 was one of the worst years on record for traffic fatalities. In fact, last year was the very worst year since 2005. Nearly 43,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States, in spite of the increasing safety of newer motor vehicles. The increasing use of cell phones and other forms of distracted driving are believed to be contributing to the problem. Additionally, the prevalence of SUVs and trucks may be contributing to the problem. Whatever the cause or causes, operating a motor vehicle on any roadway, and particularly here in Orange County, has become increasingly dangerous.

What To Do After an Injury Accident

After an injury accident, you may have certain rights and responsibilities under the law. First, if the accident has resulted in any injury or substantial property damage it should be reported to law enforcement. Even if the involved police agency declines to take a report, you should do all you can to document the particular circumstances surrounding the accident. If witnesses stop and offer assistance or their identity, you should take their information so that they can be contacted later about being a witness. Photographs of the vehicles at their point of rest and of any damage should be taken. Also, if there is debris or skid marks in the roadway they too should be photographed. Perhaps most importantly, always remember to get the license and insurance information from the other driver(s) involved. A picture of their license and insurance card is a good idea. Once you have left the scene of an accident, it should be reported to your insurance carrier. You should also seek immediate medical attention if you believe you have been injured.

It is important to keep in mind that all of the evidence you gather at the scene of an accident should be kept until any claim or lawsuit arising from the accident has been resolved. All too often the victim in an accident assumes that the insurance company for the adverse driver is going to do the right thing and settle their injury claim for an amount that is fair. What must be kept in mind is that the insurance adjuster becomes your adversary the moment you present a claim for damages. From that moment forward their job is to get you to accept as little as they can in order to save their employer money and advance themselves within their comany. You shouldn’t be fooled by one or two seemingly pleasant conversations or even an admission of fault.

Contact an Orange County Accident Attorney for Help

If you were injured or a loved one killed by a negligent driver, seeking the advice of an experienced malpractice attorney is likely the best first step to take toward obtaining compensation for the injuries and damages suffered. Mr. Ralph has more than 30 years of experience at handling personal injury and auto accident cases in Orange County and the Southern California area. His office is centrally located in Orange County for the convenience of his clients. Mr. Ralph’s services are provided on a contingency basis so if there is no recovery there are no fees. He can be reached for a free consultation by calling the number below or simply sending a message with the details of your potential case.

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