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Car Crash in Cabazon

On June 29, 2020, a car crash occurred in the City of Cabazon very near the Morongo Casino.  This office represents one of the two drivers involved, Darnell Shumpert, a former …

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What Happens When You’re an Injured Passenger in a Car Crash

The Law Allows Passengers a Claim Against Their Own Drivers What happens if you’re riding as a passenger in a friend’s car, and the driver causes a crash in which …

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Injured by Contaminated Food – Now What?

Although it may seem rare, millions of people are actually injured in this country every year because of food borne illnesses and other contamination.  If a food product contains a …

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Orange County Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Claims and Your Rights

When a close family member dies because of the neglect of someone else (a careless driver, a negligent doctor, etc.) you may be entitled to pursue a claim for wrongful …

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What Insurance Companies Consider in Injury Claims

After an automobile accident, the adverse driver’s insurance carrier will consider only certain factors when assessing the value of your injury claim.  These factors usually have little to do with …

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Store Security Claims

What happens if you’re injured by a store’s employees or their security staff because they think you’ve shoplifted something?  The answer is simple.  You may have a claim for personal …

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Proving a Slip and Fall Case

Slip and fall accidents, especially those occrring in a retail store, happen with a great deal of frequency and can cause serious injuries.  If you think you have been a …

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Medical Malpractice Claims and Patience

In California, for more than 40 years, medical malpractice cases have been subject to the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA), which was the product of heavy lobbying by the …

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Tripping Hazards and Your Rights

A close cousin to the classic slip and fall accident is the “trip and fall”.  Fall hazards are not limited to slippery walking surfaces but also include tripping hazards, such …

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Multi-vehicle Accidents and Your Rights

Mutli-vehicles accidents happen with a fair amount of frequency on California roadways.  These types of collisions can often lead to complications when it comes to the individual rights of the …

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Plastic Surgery Malpractice

The potential for a malpractice claim is something many plastic surgery patients may think about when the outcome of their surgery has been less than ideal.  However, a poor cosmetic …

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Private Security Misconduct Claims

Private security employees staff a number and variety of businesses throughout this State and specifically in Orange County.  Their work is often crucial to maintaining the safety, security and property …

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