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Dog Bites in California – Know Your Rights

When a dog bite occurs, the results can be both physically and emotionally devastating to the victim, particularly when the victim is a child.  California law protects victims and allows …

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Winter Weather Falls

When the fall weather gives way to winter, with the rain and snow, the chances of having a fall are increased.  Walking surfaces that when dry are safe, can present …

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Traffic Accident Basics – Who’s at Fault

Under California law, there are certain statutes and case law that are applied in determining who is at fault for an automobile accident involving multiple parties.  Two of the more …

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When You Slip and Fall In a Grocery Store

In California, every grocery store and other retailer has a legal obligation to maintain their store in a reasonably safe condition so as to minimize the risk of a fall …

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Rights of DUI Victims

Unfortunately, DUI accidents are a common occurrence and are reported in the media almost every day.  When you or a loved one have been injured by a drunk driver, certain rights …

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Rights of Sexual Abuse Victims

All too often, we hear about young and even adult victims of sexual abuse who were abused by someone they trusted.  Over the years, those perpetrators have included priests, caregivers, …

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How to Calculate an Injury Claim’s Value

How is the “value” of an injury claim calculated?  Once the dust settles after a fall or auto accident or other injury causing incident, you may find yourself pondering this …

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Pedestrian Accidents and Your Rights

Accidents involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian are quite common.  These types of collisions often occur because the driver was simply not paying close enough attention to the roadway …

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Fall at an Apartment Complex – What to Do

Under California law, apartment property owners and property management companies have a legal duty to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition.  This duty requires the owners and property …

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Bar Security Claim Settles for $160,000

The firm’s client was attending a birthday party with friends at a well-known nightclub/bar in the Los Angeles area when he was assaulted by security.  The client had done nothing more …

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Car Crash Impact and Case Value

If you have the misfortune of being involved in a car crash and suffer injuries as a result, the insurance company for the driver at fault will nearly always look …

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Left Turn Car Accidents – Who Is at Fault?

If you are driving straight through an intersection and someone turns left in front of you, it may seem the other driver is certainly going to be found at fault.  …

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