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Fatal Freeway Accident in Montclair

Early this morning a fatal freeway accident in Montclair shut down the lanes of the 10 Freeway for westbound traffic.  According to KTLA news, the collision happened when a driver drove the wrong direction on the freeway.  Apparently, the driver of a dark-colored SUV drove for about 2 miles in the westbound lanes before the fatal crash.  One person was killed and another was taken to the hospital.

Issues Arising from Freeway Auto Accidents

Because of the speed vehicles are traveling and the traffic congestion on Southern California freeways, unique legal issues often arise.  For example, freeway car accidents often involve more than two vehicles and a critical issue often has to be resolved: which vehicle struck another vehicle first.  In multi-vehicle freeway accidents, a chain reaction collision is a common occurrence.  The driver who sets off the chain reaction will sometimes claim that the cars ahead struck one another first, and only then he hit the last car in the chain.  Witness accounts of the accident and an analysis of the property damage to the vehicles has to be taken into accident when deciding fault.  If the issue cannot be definitively determined, it may be necessary to divide responsibility between all of the rear-ending drivers.  The occupants of cars in the middle of the chain reaction may also bring claims, where they have been pushed into the car ahead.  

Contact a Freeway Accident Attorney for Help

if you or a loved one is injured in a freeway auto accident, contacting an experienced personal injury attorney can be the most important step toward obtaining compensation for the injuries and damages suffered.  Mr. Ralph has decades of experience as a freeway accident attorney, and he has successfully handled dozens of such claims.  His office is located in central Orange County for the convenience of his clients.  He can be reached via e-mail or by telephone at the number below.  Consultations for injury claims are always free of charge.Tags: freeway accident attorney

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