Most Common Forms of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Every day, medical professionals make mistakes that cause serious injury or even cost lives. Learn about the most common forms of medical malpractice and what your legal options are if you or a loved one were injured through medical malpractice.

Prescription Medication Errors

Prescription medication errors happen often, despite the many fail safes in place to ensure that mistakes don’t happen. Whether the doctor miswrote the prescription or the pharmacy filled the prescription in error, medication errors can be devastating. A patient may take too much of the wrong kind of medication, or may experience serious side effects that require hospitalization.

Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnosis

A common type of medical malpractice is the failure to diagnose a patient, or the misdiagnosis of a patient. Life-threatening medical conditions that are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed can result in critical injury or even death.

Surgical Errors

When people hear the term “medical malpractice,” they envision cases where a surgical instrument was left inside a body cavity. This does happen and can cause great trauma to the victim, but other surgical errors can be just as detrimental. A surgeon who operates on the wrong side of the body or performs the wrong type of surgery can cause significant damages.

Childbirth Errors

Childbirth is an exciting time, but it’s also a time where medical professionals must pay close attention to the health of both mother and baby. Failure to act quickly in some situations may result in harm to either the mother or child. Common birth injuries include lack of oxygen due and physical injuries to the baby, such as shoulder dystocia.

What to Do If You or a Loved One Were Injured Through Medical Malpractice

It is important that you receive full and fair compensation for the damages you suffered as a result of malpractice. It’s critical that the negligent medical professional is held responsible for their actions. This is typically done through a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

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