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Fatal Orange County Bike Accident: Victim a 13-Year-Old-Girl

Early Monday morning a 13-year-old girl was tragically in an Orange County bike accident.  According to KTLA News, the young  girl was struck and killed by a Santa Ana Unified School District truck while the victim was in a crosswalk.  The accident reportedly occurred at Edinger Avenue and Center Street just before 8 a.m.  The victim, Priscilla Vallejo, was pronounced dead at the scene while the truck driver was not injured and was cooperating with police. Santa Ana

Bicycle Accidents Occur With Alarming Frequency

The tragic accident above is not all that uncommon, at least not statistically, in the State of California.  In the City of Santa Ana where this accident occurred 213 people were injured in bicycle versus motorcycle accidents in 2012.  In fact, the City of Santa Ana ranks the third highest in terms of bicycle-related automobile accidents, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety.  While the various causes of these accidents is not identified in the OTS Collision Rankings, it is highly likely that a significant number of these collisions involved issues of visibility.  Bike riders should do all they reasonably can to ensure that nearby motorists can see them.  In the case above, the young girl was in a crosswalk which is exactly where drivers should be on the lookout.

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If you or a loved one is involved in a bike accident that caused injury, or even death, contacting an experienced injury attorney with more than 24 years of experience is likely the best way to find out about your right to recovery for any injuries and damages sustained.  Mr. Ralph has handled dozens of bike accident claims from their inception to final settlement.  He can reached by e-mail or by calling the phone number below.  All personal injury consultations are absolutely free.  Tags: bike accident attorney

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