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Protect Your Rights After a Slip and Fall

If you fall in a business and are injured, you need to do what you can to protect your rights.  No one employed by the business is likely to do this for you.  In today’s world, you can begin by gathering evidence which can be as easy as depressing a button on your cell phone.  A slip and fall accident shouldn’t change your life. 

Gathering Evidence After a Slip and Fall

Once you have composed yourself after a fall, you should reach for your cell phone to take pictures of the flooring.  You may not have seen what caused your fall before the accident, but you should try to find it once you’re on the floor.  Photographing the water or other dangerous condition will go a long way to proving your case .Remember, you are looking to show that something was on the floor and that something had been there for some time.  Capturing tracks, streaks or debris in the mess should help prove the condition was  on the floor for a while before you fell.

Get to a Doctor After a Fall

After gathering evidence and notifying management of the fall, you should seek medical attention if you feel as though you’ve been injured.  While some symptoms take hours or days to develop or worsen, documenting the fact you were hurt is important.  Insurance adjusters for the business love to argue a delay in treatment means there was little, if any, injury.  A medical record proving you went to the doctor with complaints of pain shortly after the fall goes a long way to overcome any such argument, even if most of the medical treatment is received later.

Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer for Assistance

Once you have at least some of the accident and medical evidence, an experienced personal injury attorney can present this to the insurance company in order to get you the compensation you deserve. If the insurer denies or won’t reasonably settle the claim, then your attorney can move forward with a lawsuit.  Mr. Ralph has decades of experience handling slip and fall and other premises liability claims.  His office in the City of Orange is centrally located, making access for his clients easy.  Additionally, he may be reached for a free consultation by e-mail or by calling the number below. Tags: slip and fall attorney

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