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On Friday night a mattress that had fallen onto the 55 Freeway in Orange County caused a tragic and fatal accident.  According to KABC News, the accident happened in the northbound lanes in Santa Ana, and multiple vehicles ended up colliding with one another.  The first driver to collide with the mattress,  53-year-old Cynthia Brock of Costa Mesa, struck the mattress and then crashed into the center divider.  Tragically, Brock was pronounced dead at the scene.  Three more vehicles either struck Brock’s Toyota or other cars involved in the chain reaction collision.  Two of the people involved were taken to Western Medical Center with what were described as minor injuries.

Striking Objects and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Assuming that the identity of the party who dropped the mattress on the freeway is not discovered, the parties involved in the above collision may still be able to recover compensation through their own uninsured motorist coverage within their automobile insurance policies.  In general, if a driver is injured when there is “contact” with an uninsured or unidentified vehicle they may recover compensation through their own policy, if the injured motorist has uninsured motorist coverage.  The appellate courts in California have extended the “contact rule” to objects that fall from unidentified or uninsured vehicles that cause accidents.  In the case above, the injured parties who have uninsured motorist coverage available may receive compensation for their injuries and damages from their own automobile insurance companies.  Sometimes, when the insured party and their insurance company cannot agree on the value of the uninsured motorist claim, the case is submitted to arbitration for a decision. Making an Uninsured Motorist Claim When you are injured in an accident involving an unidentified or uninsured party, there are certain procedures that must be followed in order to present your claim to your own auto insurance carrier.  A failure to comply with those requirements can result in the loss of an injured party’s ability to pursue such a claim.  

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