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A waitress in Anaheim was run over in a hit-and-run yesterday evening after she tried to stop an alleged “dine and dash.”  According to a CBS news report, the incident happened in the parking lot at the Mexico Lindo restaurant at about 6:20 p.m.  The victim, Maria Uriostegui, was struck by the vehicle as she approached the diners’ car and asked if they were going to pay. Uriostegui was knocked down and slowly run over by both the front and rear wheels of the car, and all of the crime was captured on video.  Four suspects have since been arrested and were taken to Orange County jail.  Miraculously, Uriostegui did not suffer any broken bones or any other life-threatening injuries.

What About Insurance and Pedestrian Claims

When an incident like the one above occurs and someone is injured, the question of compensation for the victim is an obvious concern.  In Uriostegui’s case, the answer can be complicated.  Her employer’s workers’ compensation insurance may pay for the time lost from work, if any, and the medical expenses incurred.  Assuming that there was insurance on the vehicle involved in this hit-and-run, there may be coverage that would compensate Uriostegui for her pain and suffering, as well as other damages.  However, under the law in California liability insurance (including automotive liability) does not cover a willful act causing injury.  In other words, if the injuries were caused on purpose then an automobile insurance carrier does not have to pay the victim for their injuries and damages.  Beyond this, where both auto insurance and workers’ compensation apply, there is an issue of the reimbursement between the two insurance providers.

What If Your Accident is a Complicated Case?

The complications arising from some pedestrian accidents, like the one above, can seem overwhelming.  Establishing fault is sometimes simple in these cases, but finding insurance coverage can take a time and legal expertise.  Not every seemingly simple case winds up being easy to prove or to establish insurance coverage.  When an intentional or reckless act is involved, obtaining compensation is not always easy.

While some injury cases may seem simple on the surface, legal complications can require the expertise of an attorney with years of experience handling similar cases.  If you or a family member is involved in an injury accident, contacting a personal injury attorney with decades of experience is often the best way to make sure your rights are protected.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney for Help

Mr. Ralph has decades of experience at handling auto versus pedestrian accidents.  When you or a loved one has been a victim, contacting an experienced injury attorney can be the most important step you take toward obtaining compensation for the injuries and damages you sustained.  Mr. Ralph’s office in the City of Orange is centrally located, allowing him to represent injured clients all over Orange County and the Southern California area.  Consultations are always free and are as easy as calling the number above or sending an email describing your potential case.Tags: auto accident attorney

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